FMP - Monday 17th May

Good day today - chatted with Simon about direction of my project and came to conclusion that my project wasnt going in the right direction - at least in the way i had hoped! This morning I took some of the acetate prints i had done along with some squared paper, some pink tissue paper and some red coloured paper and returned to my 'good old days' of collaging - and realised that this is what i enjoy and maybe i wasnt ready to move on from this into film - or maybe i have just gone about it the wrong way... Anywhoooooo, i have borght myself some more sketchbooks and after filling one already today with a series of collages from the acetate prints, i am going to make some more collages using photocopies of previous work onto acetate alongside other materials to fill many more sketchbooks, and will re-evaluate at the end of the week! - This may not make sence but my FMP is finally making sence to me, so trust me that this is a positive post!!

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